Found in Italy We partner with local craftspeople, artisan and curated markets of all sizes to celebrate and sell their incredible products created in Italy.

Ultra-Rare Marquise Cut Rubies and More

White diamonds and emeralds and rubies. Discover timeless nature combined with Italian craftmanship, 

Fine Italian Jewelry | GIVAL

Found in Italy x Gival Gioielli

Elegant, Refined Italian Jewelry Creations

High Jewelry x Shop The Look

Jewelry Made From Paper

Unconventional hand-made Jewelry so unique you will not find it anywhere else. Collections inspired by flowers, vegetables and animals. Welcome to the lovely designs from La Mancina Jewelry 

Unconventional Jewelry | La Mancina

Fantasy Sculptures Completed Made From Paper

Sculptures made entirely by hand and of paper, have a look inside the minds of Ethel Ortiz, Ferruccio Gadler, and Dolores Gadler and watch their creations come to life.  

Hand-Made Paper Sculptures | Ortiz-Gadler

Found in Italy x Ortiz-Galder

Hand-Made Paper Sculptures

Sophisticated Cycling Furniture

The garage is no place to keep your bike. Assembled with premium quality materials, precision craftsmanship, innovative mechanics and a uniquely modern Italian aesthetic.

Cycling Furniture | Valdolibero

The Italian Twin Sisters

Medea Milan-based fashion label started by twin sisters Giulia and Camilla Venturini. These sisters started the “Mini Bag Trend”. The bags are made out of very fine leather. The bag sizes range from minuscule (Mini-Bag Trend) to an oversized option suited to a large shopping spree.

Fine Leather Hand-Made Italian Bags | MEDEA

Stylish Cravata's

7 represents the “cravata settepieghe,” a tie folded seven times, a proud Neapolitan tradition. Lino’s ties are folded following the classic three-fold style. So why the embroidered number seven? What does it mean? 

Hand-Made Number 7 Ties | Lino Ieluzzi

Hand-Sculpted and of the Utmost Beauty

Gifting a pen is a very personal signature experience, a symbolic gesture. It can be a token to mark a milestone, a reminder of an extraordinary moment shared, a thank you to someone special or the encouragement of a rare talent.

Experience Handmade Writing Instruments | Visconti

Only for the Passionate

Merino wool is one of the world’s most luxurious textile you can wrap yourself in. Those who treat themselves will tell you. Would you treat your luxury or vintage car with the same level of care? These car shells are made of pure wool, period.  

Bespoke Automotive Shells | GoodWool

Found in italy x Italian Tourism

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