FII Supplier Partner Team®


Found in Italy offers an experiential veil which creates an immersive online experience. We will highlight the different regions of Italy and their local craftspeople through cutting-edge tech. facilitates the ability to discover.  We take a closer look into Fashion, Food and Travel, while revisiting the unique minds and stories that created the brand.

Our target market is upwardly mobile and between the ages of 25 and 55:  travellers, foodies,  fashionistas, design buffs and art aficionados. We will feed the wanderlust of the millennial generation as well as the nostalgia of ex-pats and seasoned travellers. 

Italy is in the top 5 countries visited in a year, with 52.4 million tourists annually and growing. We are targeting individuals who not only appreciate the culture, but are fond of Made-in-Italy products such as handbags, shoes, artisanal jewelry and furniture.

No item is too big or too expensive: we will deliver diamond incrusted jewelry, automotive and vintage handcrafted boats to your door with all the certifications and guarantees. 

Found in Italy is not only a digital platform; it’s a movement. We seek to celebrate Italy’s future and empower its entrepreneurs while highlighting their creativity and inventiveness. We will launch businesses, brands and products onto the world stage through e-commerce: connecting like-minded individuals on a global scale. Our team has a keen eye for trends and a talent for optimizing online and offline on multiple platforms with the goal of reaching targeted audiences. If you onboard your business with us, you will have our commitment to take your products, designs and services across international borders and directly to eager consumers continents away.