Bioale Official | Vegan Leather Made From Pineapples Leaves

Vegan Leather to Make Us Better

Vegan Leather to Make Us Better

An innovative startup company out of Tuscany is creating hand-crafted wallets, cardholders and keychains out of pineapple leather. That’s right. Bioale’s vegan leather alternative is made entirely from the leaves of pineapples. The brand caters to the young professional with a conscience. 

This groundbreaking material is not only cruelty-free, it is sustainable on many levels. It is obviously lowering the demand for cow-based leather, thus reducing the impact that cattle farming and emissions have on our environment. But the carbon footprint of this product is even lower because there is no shortage of raw material. Pineapple leaves are often discarded, a by-product of the agricultural industry, so using them for these products is a fantastic way to mitigate waste and “up-cycle.”

Bioale’s good deeds don’t end here. They are also taking a hard pass on plastic packaging. They remind their clientele that all of the plastic that appears in many facets of our daily lives eventually, one way or another, ends up in the ocean. Bioale is doing their part to protect the beautiful coasts that surround Italy.

There is a vibrant vegan community in Tuscany, with many restaurants (Osteria Ciriera, Life Bistrot, Biovita) and even a winery (Agrivilla i Pini) rising up to meet the demand. The fashion industry is no exception. Bioale’s designs cater perfectly to the young professional with a conscience. Their instagram feed features business card holders, wallets and keychains that look as stylish as leather, without any animals being harmed and without any plastic waste. Can there be any more benefits to one product? Best to order multiple items at once and follow their lead by reducing your shipping footprint.