Caraborse | Luxury Leather Pet Carriers

Luxury Dog Bags

Imagine a luxury leather bag on par with the top fashion brands that was also a carrier for your pet. Caraborse founder Raffaela Caldera has revolutionized the fashion industry with this very item. 

Caldera’s grandfather was a carpenter by trade and she followed him on a lot of his jobs as a child. She noticed his commitment to quality and detail, as well as his impeccable customer service skills. He helped her appreciate the pride of “Made-in-Italy” items and the craft that goes into making them. Her father, in turn, was successful in his own business and Caldera worked in his office for a short time after finishing school. There she learned the organization that goes into running a business. Following in the footsteps of these two influencers, she set off to start her own business.

So, Caraborse was born. 

Caldera noticed a gap in the market for a stylish bag that could carry a small pet without looking like a typical pet carrier. She also wanted the item to serve the same functions as a purse, carrying the necessities for women’s day-to-day lives. There is currently no competition for this item within both the luxury market and the pet market. 

Professional women are by and large choosing not to add children into the mix with their hectic schedules. Many of these women have opted to adopt dogs, as Caldera herself did. She wanted to be able to carry her dog to business meetings, the office and while running errands— without sacrificing her polished aesthetic.

The Kiki bag is the company’s first design, named after Caldera’s dearly departed dog. It is made entirely of fine natural products and with sustainable practices in mind. The bag comes in different colours and patterns; I have my eye on a beige snakeskin print with matching wallet. There are two side pockets on the outside that can hold essential items like phones, wallets and business cards. And a backside pocket for any larger items like folders, or things the wearer might want to keep closer to her body. The inside compartment can be made plush out of cashmere if the little passenger tends to get cold. Leather and fabric are the other two options.

Every bag can be personalized, whether you want to add tags with your pup’s name, emboss your initials (or the pooch’s) or add precious stones. The sky’s the limit and Caldera is happy to bring your vision to fruition.