Timeapp Milano | The Only Acceptable Luxury Timepiece Accessory


Timeapp Milano is the first and only brand in the world that personalizes luxury watches like Rolex with diamonds without changing their structure, thus keeping the value of the timepieces intact. Designers Stefano Dossola and Fabio De Maglie offer customized links featuring real diamonds to ensure that your investment in a statement piece like a luxury watch becomes entirely your own. 



The concept of time in Italy is vast. There’s an expression that says that in America 100 years is a long time, and in Europe 100 miles is a long way. 100 years in Italy is a drop in the bucket of its history and part of the magic of being there is having the weight of this history juxtaposed with a vibrant, modern community. 

This feeling is strongly felt in Milan where one of its oldest neighbourhoods known as the “5 vie” is both an excellently preserved medieval site and a bustling fashion district. The five main streets that give the location its name are via Santa Marta, via Santa Maria Podone, via Santa Maria Fulcorina, via Bocchetto and via del Bollo. Together these historic streets comprise the city’s best shops for antiques, crafts, jewelry and fashion.

The watchmaker’s shop is a staple of Milanese luxury. A distinctive timepiece has long been a symbol of elegance and distinction. TimeApp is one of the storefronts you’d find if you were stalling along the 5 vie district. The company’s unique take on the industry sees tradition meet contemporary decadence.

You can opt to showcase your initials, the logo of a favorite sports team, a nostalgic reminder like batman’s symbol, hearts, stars or even a skull and crossbones. Yours and the designers’ imagination is the limit. 

Whatever you select, the production process is rigorously artisanal and made to measure in a goldsmith’s workshop. Time is precious. Make it count.