Cavicchi | Sleek Italian Billiard Tables

The excellence of Made in Italy means fine craftsmanship and luxury. Biliardi Cavicchi extends this promise to the art of billiards: an iconic game in Italian culture. No Italian home is complete without a personal billiard table, but banish the idea of green felt from your mind. These tables are classy, stylish and personalized to suit the client’s vision.

Cavicchi was founded in 1938 by Ugo Cavicchi. The brand has since established itself worldwide, being known for excellence, talent and genius. The operation has been passed down from father to son over several generations, allowing for technological advancements that heightened the business’ professional status.

Cavicchi became the reference point within the world of billiards, obtaining official recognition by FIBIS (Italian Federation of Billiard Sports), becoming a 3-time World Champion and seeing their tables used in all major sporting events both nationally and internationally.

When Giancarlo Cavicchi took the reins on the company, he followed an impulse to make a new line of exclusive billiard tables. These high-quality tables were designed to be for private usage in homes without compromising the quality of performance they offer. This innovation has raised the price point of the brand, taking it from traditional sports production to being an exclusive line of luxury billiards tables. The focus came squarely onto design, elegance, modernity and technology.  The customers came pouring in.

Clients of the Cavicchi brand are proud of their home and have a desire to decorate their living space with a unique piece. Some clients have smaller spaces, such as condos, and Cavicchi came up with the perfect solution for them. Gorgeous, high quality tables that function as pieces of furniture and can transform into billiards tables when desired. This cutting-edge advancement in technology and design was a game changer for the company. 

Each piece of a Cavicchi table is worked individually, following the original tradition. This genuine process means Cavicchi tables are not just products but works of art. Every detail is meticulously hand-finished, following the blueprint hand-drawn by the designer’s pencil. This is the only way to meet the expectations of sophisticated and demanding clients, who choose refinement as their top priority when making a purchase.

Cavicchi’s billiards instruments are true masterpieces, desired by professionals and lovers of the sport alike. The professionalism, quality and dedication of the company has allowed them to satisfy clients and meet international targets. Today their billiard tables can be found in some of the most beautiful villas of the world.