Design Boutike | Blown Glass in Murano


Venetian glassware is one of the most iconic symbols of Northern Italian prestige and none is more recognizable by name or style than Murano. Blown glass hailing from the island of Murano has been a source of pride for Venetians since the Middle Ages.

Design Boutike is a company that was created to encourage and safeguard this artisanal tradition. They promote the extraordinary value of Venetian glassware internationally in order to maintain global awareness of the beauty and uniqueness of this Made in Italy tradition.

Every single product present in Design Boutike’s online portal is 100% Certified, 100% Handmade, and 100% Made in Murano. And it shows. The collections are absolutely breathtaking. 

Their Lighting Collection displays grand chandeliers with an extravagant, neo-Baroque aesthetic. One can only imagine the way the glass would catch the light in these exquisite pieces. Any one of these chandeliers would be the focal point of the room and a real privilege to display in one’s home. The owner of one of these pieces is ready to put on a show and isn't afraid of being upstaged.

For the art enthusiast, the Modern Collection is the way to go. These pieces are contemporary and unpredictable, sure to be conversation starters. They speak to the client who has an extensive art collection and prefers a statement piece to a functional one. 

The Pop Comic collection is fun for children and a great gift idea. The line features well-known cartoon characters, with an Italian flair. This line is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, followed closely by the Aquarium Collection.  This collection is for the nature lover who would love to spend hours staring at the ocean pondering life, but will have to be contented with a stunning piece of glass art on their desk while they work.

Finally, the Table Art Collection is for those who want even their everyday items to be fine works of art. This line is entirely functional— drinking glasses, serving platters, napkin rings— everything needed to host an unforgettable dinner party that allows guests to purse their lips onto artwork. What a touch!

And for those interested in a more hands-on experience, Design Boutike offers glassblowing workshops in Murano. Be warned: glassblowing is not like a bachelorette party at Paint Nite. The craft is extremely physical and there is intense heat involved. One thing is sure, though: there is no other activity that could be more typical of the real Venice to experience. Certainly it is the only excursion that allows you to make your own souvenir from scratch. What are you thinking: vase or modern art sculpture?