GoodWool | Bespoke Car Covers

Passion Need Protection. Merino wool is recognized the world over as being the most luxurious textile you can wrap yourself in. Those who treat themselves well know there is no better insulation against the elements than the comforting hug of high quality wool. Why wouldn’t you treat your luxury or vintage car with the same level of care?

Goodwool is first in its class when it comes to creating bespoke car shells, or covers, made of pure wool. The brand knows you don’t own a luxury vehicle to simply cover it up. They seek to balance the client’s concern for protection with their aesthetic preferences. These covers are tailor-made in Italy. It’s like getting a bespoke suit for your car. This unique concept speaks to those for whom a car is not a means of transport but a passion.


There is an old-fashioned saying that Italian men take better care of their cars than their wives. Let’s revolutionize that to say that today’s consumer of made in Italy luxury will stop at nothing to protect the value of their acquisitions. Bring on the 1900 thread count, Goodwool!

The technical rational behind the high-quality wool used is that it created a microclimate for your car, essentially keeping humidity out. Meanwhile, the malleability of the fabric allows for sensuous sculpting over the lines of your car so that its gorgeous silhouette is always on display.  Elegance meets performance is the gold standard that Goodwool espouses.

Every cover that passes through Goodwool’s capable hands is fully customizable. That means that your car’s colours, brand and model will be valourized, not to mention extra tweaks like customer initials. 

GoodWool is not in first instance a car accessory rooted in utility. It is a refined work of art that also succeeds in protecting your vehicle. When efficiency meets good taste the result is the highest calibre of protection and showmanship.

I can talk to you about rust and mold, leather and gaskets, dryness and breathability, scratch-resistance and dust-collection— but wouldn’t you rather close your eyes and imagine that an Italian Nonna was lovingly knitting a wool sweater for your Lamborghini? That’s the level of detail and care that goes in to each Goodwool creation.