Passoni | Made For The Cycling Enthusiast

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Does zipping along a Northern Italian road chasing the wind on a titanium frame and wood-rimmed tires sound like a dream to you? Passoni, one of the world’s best bike frame manufacturers, makes dreams like this a reality. And sure, you might spend up to 20K on a bike, but it will be tailor-made for you by experienced craftsmen. It’s like the difference between wearing off-the-rack and a bespoke designer suit. No comparison.

The company avowedly has a compulsive attention to detail and a sense of commitment that runs deep, allowing them to deliver a product that meets exceptional standards. The expert frame-builders at Passoni have been crafting bikes for people the world over: from professional racers to hobbyists, and everyone in between! The common features between all Passoni’s clients are an unbridled passion for bikes and high standards.

This is why the crafting process at Passoni is exacting. The work needs to be carried out in special chambers that act as vacuums because of the delicacy of the high-quality metal alloy used. Argon gas is used to prevent oxidization and the whole process is carried out under an extreme amount of pressure, the welding requiring surgical precision. The quality control is so high that if at any point in the process the frame does not pass an inspection, the process will be restarted without hesitation. Each frame takes around 30 hours of hands-on work, or the frame-builders entire work week, before it is ready to leave the state of the art atelier in Milan.

Every single bike frame issued by Passoni is unique and customized to its rider’s requirements and tastes. Every year, Passoni invites owners to take their one-of-a-kind bike and join them at the Giro D’Italia. This route is a160KM race that starts in the urban area of Cantù and continues lakeside all along Lake Como to Bellaggio, climbs the nearby mountains and drops down again toward the lakeshore for an exhilarating finish. You won’t want to face this life-defining challenge on anything other than your own tailor-made Passoni.