Riva Yachts | Life’s Pinnacle Achievements


Picture laying on the open deck of a luxury yacht, the sun blazing overhead and an eternity of deep blue sea surrounding you in every direction. Your vessel is outfitted with exquisite fittings and thoughtful additions that were created with your comfort in mind. Forget commercialized vacations with tourists packed onto one another : this is a cruising experience of utmost elegance and sublime originality. And it’s all yours. Welcome to the Riva Yachts experience.

Carlo Riva was an Italian motorboat designer from the lakefront town of Sarnico known for his luxurious runabouts. The most renowned Riva design was the Aquarama Special. The suave, elegant lines of this boat attracted starlets like Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren, who have been photographed aboard. And so, the Riva brand became a global brand sought out by the Hollywood elite, royalty and businessmen alike. 

Carlo Riva sold the company in the early 1970s. Today, the luxury vessel manufacturer is owned by the Ferretti Group. Despite the change in ownership, there has been no compromise on Carlo Riva’s original business mandate: to build boats of peerless beauty.

All the materials used today honour the Riva heritage. Whether it is high quality steel, glass or mahogany, the materials are locally sourced to fulfill the Made in Italy pledge. The attention to detail is unparalleled: thirty coats of varnish will make it onto a mahogany finish and the windshield is often one piece of wraparound glass.

For those having reached the pivotal life milestone of buying a yacht, Riva can satisfy a range of preferences. Whether it's speed, elegance, performance or a combination of all of the above, Riva meets the gold standard. The interior design onboard these extraordinary creations are on par with diamond star hotels. The lap of luxury on the most beautiful bodies of water the world has to offer. That’s what owners of a Riva dream yacht get to experience while being wide awake.