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Santomaro Design

“Inspired by the complexity of nature, Santomaro explores the deep connections between the balance of the shapes and the observer’s awareness, creating objects that enhance properties of matter, in a continuous research towards the thin balance between Aesthetic and Functionality.”

This is how Santomaro Design self-identifies their approach to creation. Interestingly, while the designers are inspired by the complexity of nature, their designs evoke a soothing simplicity. Their visual language is more sparse and economic than the words employed to capture the aesthetic. It is true after all that a picture is worth a thousand words and these designers create tableaus within their furnished rooms. 

The overall minimalist-with-flair look would delight both young professionals furnishing their first dwelling, or the established clientele interested in a redesign of their well-loved home. The shelves and lighting options would distinguish any office and bring warmth to a corporate setting.

Theirs is a warm collection of light fixtures, furniture, accessories and wall decor products. Engineers, designers and top Italian craftsmen collaborate to combine different elements into perfect aesthetic and functional synthesis.

The path toward establishing Santomaro Design was started by two engineers: Franco Ciribeni and Antonella Strappa. In 2016 the pair launched this new Made-in-Italy project, marrying their expertise in engineering with a passion for design.

The result is stunning. They have managed to create a contemporary line of home decor products that doesn’t feel cold in the way much of post-modern design does. Ciribeni and Strappa made it their goal to exude warmth in their designs and for the end-product to be welcoming. Of course people want their homes to be inviting and comforting. They describe their pieces as exemplifying “elegance, discretion and a touch of irony.”

In 2016 Santomaro Design’s flagship storefront was inaugurated in Le Marche and it was from here that the company took its first steps. The entire collection is proudly created by Italian artisan craftsmen.  Santomaro was honoured during Milano Design Week in 2017, winning the Fiber Contest with one of their unique lighting projects.

 Following this accolade, collaborations began with retailers enamoured of Santomaro’s unique style and appreciative of their authenticity. Today, the Santomaro Collection is presented in exclusive showrooms, alongside well-established luxury brands. They are providing an exciting alternative on the market whether it be for furniture, lighting or gift ideas.