Vadolibero | Sophisticated Cycling Furniture



Vadolibero knows that the value of your bike goes beyond any dollar amount. The company, founded by Antonella Grua and Ran Reuveni, creates custom mounts for bikes to be showcased at home like rare pieces of art. The company’s poetically appropriate name translates to, “I go free.” 

The company's goal is to create a “wonderland for cyclists” in their very own homes. The unique pieces of furniture, exclusively designed by Reuveni, are assembled with premium quality materials, precision craftsmanship, innovative mechanics and a uniquely modern Italian aesthetic. 

Anyone passionate about cycling will tell you that their bike is like their pegasus: a mythological creature that can take them on marvellous adventures with the wind at their back. Getting on a bike and feeling limitless, unrestrained and ready for anything is what draws so many enthusiasts to the sport. The time spent in nature, surrounded by towering mountains, sparkling lakes or quaint country roads adds to the sublime experience.

It goes without saying that anyone this committed to cycling has likely spent thousands, or tens of thousands, on their own personal pegasus. They are not inclined to store it in a musty garage or worse, lock it up outside in a city where theft is an everyday occurrence.


Vadolibero was initiated in 2014. The founders, established professionals in other fields, wanted to start a revolutionary business that reflected the beauty that the bicycle adds to people’s lives. The pair acknowledges that the bike is a feat of engineering, but feel that more than that it is a path toward freedom and passion. They knew in their gut that avid cyclists were proud enough of their trusted steed to display it in the living room like artwork. There was nothing similar to this on the market at the time and there still isn’t.

Today the company relies on a supply chain of Made in Italy excellence using wood, metals and leather than come highly rated by international luxury brands. Their gorgeous artisanal pieces cross over into the world of high-end interior design. One look at these creations make you want to buy the bike in order to justify acquiring one of these elegant statement pieces. Over the past few years, social media popularity has helped Vadolibero gain recognition as the only high-end design collection devoted to cyclists. The company even has a special line in collaboration with high-end bike manufacturer Passoni. 

Vadolibero exists for the freedom-seekers who want art with their functionality, love with their possessions and exploration in their daily lives.