Vennari | Rethinking Fine Italian Jewelry

Rethinking Fine Jewelry

Vennari is not selling your grandmother’s fine jewels. The brand represents a contemporary reimagining of classic jewelry while maintaining the passion and artistry of fine Italian craftsmanship.

The luxury line reinvents what high-end jewelry should be with designs that are elegant and bold at once.Their iconic Setipenti design takes an image as timeless as the serpent and morphs it into brightly coloured coils that bare diamonds instead of fangs. You choose a Vennari piece not for it to be seen, but for you to be seen in it. The jewelry and the wearer become one, like the snake that coils around your finger, neck or ears. The piece becomes alive when it is worn.

The high fashion jewelry brand has a long family history in the business throughout which the Vennari name is associated with unique geometrical shapes, exclusive designs and a certain finesse not easily replicated.

Vennari’s atelier is located in the Antica Torre in the centre of Florence. The craftsmanship that takes place within those walls is beyond reproach. Only the finest metals and highest-quality gems are used. Refinement meets modernity meets exactitude to produce collections with very distinct visual identities. 

"When I conceive each piece of my collection, I imagine, as a prerequisite, that it is destined for those who exude the same elegance, in every sphere of life. The big challenge is to arouse a desire: it is only starting with this assumption that the luxury sector will continue to have great future”

-Domenico Vennari

Today Giulia Vennari, daughter to Domenico, is at the helm of the company. She is a former trained dancer and brings this experience of physical shapes and elegance to the work. She believes the spontaneity and lightness that is found in dance can be reflected in exquisite jewels. 

The experience of putting on jewels should be that of a daily puzzle: a whimsical game between reality and fantasy. Vennari makes this possible with their focus on innovation and character. They focus on the intrinsic value of the jewels so that each piece is endowed with its own identity. 

The Vennari philosophy is like a mantra of three simple yet evocative words: emotion, pleasure, imagination.