Vespazio | Vintage Vespa

Vintage Vespa

Riding a Vespa with the wind in your hair, being free, impervious to traffic and parking shortages— that’s the dream.

Vintage chic is the new luxury emblem. Sustainability has never been sexier. Trends are harkening back to simpler days when living well meant having a few select items that were built for durability and prestige status. 

Vespazio knows this is what the market wants and they will satisfy that craving with their carefully sourced vintage vespas. Luca Coriani, the company’s founder, is a Vespa fanatic who dreamed of being a professional driver as a child. Now he puts this passion into carefully and meticulously restoring old Vespas to their former glory.  The company’s name, Vespazio, simply combines to evocative words of Vespa and Space. The messaging is make space for a Vespa in your life.

The restoration process follows one cardinal rule: originality! According to the founder, originality is what makes the Vespa not only a functional item but a collector’s item. All restorations are conducted in line with the mechanical and aesthetic standards of the first Vespas created in the Piaggio plant. High-quality spare parts are used and the official colouring (paint by Max Meyer) is used according to the year each Vespa was manufactured. Some of the refurbished Vespas come with the original Italian registration papers. Wow! Talk about a conversation starter.

Coriani also takes requests. He will track down any Vespa model a client is interested in and restore it to its past glory. The finished product can then be shipped anywhere in the world.

Vespazio’s website is currently featuring an off-white Vespa 160 Gran Sport from 1962. It is a very rare model and has been well-preserved. It is entirely functional and ready to satisfy a collector or driver’s needs. Or perhaps you’d be more interested in a 1976 model in bright yellow or “Giallo Cromo” as per the colour’s official name. This Vespa 50 special model is also currently on the site and comes with its own set of vintage authenticity documents.

Chi si sente fortunato? Inquire about one of these models before it’s too late.