Visconti | Luxury Handmade Writing Instruments


Can you recall the feel of a ballpoint pen gliding across a crisp sheet of paper? Or better yet, can you hear the scratch of a fountain pen as it etches creativity onto the page? Can you smell the ink? There is nothing so attached to our senses and so nostalgic as the simple notion of a pen. 

Visconti revels in creating these “fruits of the Florentine goldsmith tradition.” The brand crafts timeless handmade pens that perfectly balance design, creativity and innovation. The pen as a human tool rejects extinction in the face of technology. The person who chooses one of these fine implements is confident and not swayed by the crowd. There is a genteel nostalgia and refinery to using a pen that can't be replicated with any other tool. A graceful hand making cursive shapes on a document is so much more elegant than a few pokes with the index finger on a screen.

Visconti’s story starts in Firenze in the 1988. Two friends, both passionate about calligraphy, decided to produce handmade writing instruments. Their reputation for formidable and beautiful pens has skyrocketed since then. The company operates from a 15th century Tuscan villa, where tradition meets modern manufacturing techniques in the pursuit of perfection. The care and excellence poured into the brand has brought it to the forefront of the European pen market.

Gifting a pen is a very personal and symbolic gesture. It can be a token to mark a milestone, a reminder of an extraordinary moment shared, a thank you to someone special or the encouragement of a rare talent. Even more special than marking the moment, is the memory the recipient will carry and be reminded of every time they use their gorgeous pen. 

A pen represents the perfect balance between aesthetics and intellect. It is the only human tool that can express the depth of a thought while looking as beautiful as a jewel. Speaking of jewels, Visconti has several on offer. Pens adorned with lapis lazuli, pearls, amethyst and other natural stones are all on offer and set within 18K yellow, white or rose gold.


Every pen purchased through Visconti can be personalized for an even more signature experience. Pun intended.