Wolfish | Heartmade Accessories for Humans and Pets

Wolfish-handmade accessories for pets

The most loyal and loving companions we will ever have on this earth are dogs. So why don’t we shower them with luxury gifts the way we do with one another in courtship? Of course, your dog doesn’t care about material goods because he loves you unconditionally, but why not show the world how special he is to you? For stylish, handcrafted accessories that will set your pet apart from the crowd, Wolfish has you covered.


The brand’s founder, Sara Biondi, is a fashion designer from the Lombardy region who started her career in the womenswear market. Being passionate about animal welfare and a dog lover herself, she finally decided to up the ante in the pet market by creating designer items for our four-legged friends. 

Wolfish is fuelled by two main passions: the love of dogs and deep respect for artisanal goods. The Wolfish logo is a fantastical creature dreamed up and illustrated by the designer. Biondi wanted to evoke the sense that this dog, the Wolfish dog, is ready for any adventure and will take you along for the ride.

The line is focused on creating unique accessories, made by hand (with heart), and with an emphasis on matching between dog and owner. Only the highest quality materials are used, ensuring high durability for all of life’s rough and tumbles. All of the metal used is nickel-free to avoid any allergies you or your companion may have. 

Wolfish products are for your pet, but will win over your heart too. You will be charmed by the handmade collars, featuring trendy patterns and bright colours. There are many sizing options to be sure to find the right fit for your pet. You can also order a customized name tag, harness, leash, toys, and more! And don’t worry about feeling left out. If you choose a Navajo leather collar for your furry friend, you can order the matching wrist cuff for yourself! You’ll be #twinning with your pet in no time. 

The “Made in Italy” branding is important to the company so they make sure to source only local materials. The leather and tissues used are all Italian. This brand truly unites style, quality and practicality.

Biondi makes each item with your pets at heart, as though all pets who wear the Wolfish brand become one of her own.