Hotel Villa Cimbrone | Prestigious Hotel in the Amalfi Coast

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Location: Via Santa Chiara, 26, 84010 Ravello SA, Italy

Hotel Villa Cimbrone claims to be one of the most exclusive locations on earth. And boy do the photos back up this claim. Ancient frescoes, stunning gardens, an infinite seascape and a cerulean sky make the location a veritable paradise on earth. It is certain that, when looking at these gorgeous vistas, the old familiar wanderlust will begin to stir.

The name Cimbrone comes from the jutting rock that the villa is built on, known as a Cimbronium. The villa's scenic lookout point, the Terrazzo dell'lnfinito (Terrace of Infinity), offers an unrivalled view of sea and sky.

Villa Cimbrone is located in Ravello, one of the quieter towns along Southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast. While the exact building date is unknown, the structure has been standing since at least the 11th Century when it was owned by the noble Accongiogioco family. It later became the property of another noble family, the Fuscos, and eventually became a property of the church housing part of the Santa Chiara monastery. 

In 1960, the villa was sold to the Vuilleumier family who had the good fortune to enjoy it as a private residence for several years. During the time of private usage, the family also restored the property to its former glory since it had become dilapidated during World War II. Once the renovations were complete, the family knew they had a treasure on their hands and a responsibility to share it with the world. The site became a hotel that today offers a total of 19 rooms and suites. Each room has a unique feature to offer, whether it is frescoes on the ceiling, a balcony perched high above the ocean, stone fireplaces or antique majolica flooring. The boutique hotel also features shared spaces like verdant gardens, a swimming pool and a scenic outdoor dining area.