Isola dei Conigli (Rabbit Island)


Isola dei Conigli (Rabbit Island)  - Rocky islet just off Lampedusa has sandy beaches & is an egg-laying spot for loggerhead turtles. Rabbit Island got its name from the abundant population of rabbits it once held. However, while the rabbit population has died down since the island was named, Rabbit Beach is still filled with diverse species of plants and animals that can be enjoyed by its visitors.

How to reach Spiaggia dei Conigli beach?
  1. Take the road to Capo Ponente.
  2. After about 6 kilometers, park the car/scooter.
  3. Take the path which is walkable just by feet.
  4. After a hundred meters, you'll reach a terracing.
  5. From here there's a slope of 400 meters that take to the beach.