Italy's Most Unique Beaches for Travel in 2021

Italy is a country full of culture, history, and beauty. Italy has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world - there are over 400! Italy's Most Unique Beaches for Travel in 2021 will explore Italy's top five beaches that are worth exploring.


Santa Croce, on the island of Elba.

It is a small and secluded beach that offers peace with an incredible view.

Location: There are two restaurants with beach access at Santa Croce. You can eat there, or you can buy a sunbed for the day. There is also a boat service from Amalfi to Santa Croce if you want to go back and forth. It is not free, but it will not cost much money.


Spiaggia La Pelosa

La Pelosa in Sardinia " Spiaggia La Pelosa "

offers crystal clear water and white sand in addition to amazing views from its cliffs. La Pelosa is a small beach of just about 300 meters – and no more than 60 meters wide. It's located on the northwestern tip of Sardinia. Spiaggia La Pelosa with its turquoise waters and white sands is Italy's most beautiful beach and truly an oasis!

Location: From Sassari, take the Strada Statale 131 to Porto Torres. Before reaching Porto Torres, take the Strada Provinciale 34 to Pozzo San Nicola, then continue on the Strada Provinciale 34 and head for Stintino. Continue on the main road towards La Pelosa beach.


Cala Lupo in Italy's Ionian Sea

The Cala Lupo in Italy is located on the island of Santa Maria. It has a long, broad secluded beach with white sands and clear water.

Location: The landscape behind the beach is constructed full of hotels - you have more spectacular nature views on most other beaches of Sardinia. Cala Lupo, Via le Vele, 10, 07040 Stintino SS, Italy


Spiaggia Rosa (The Pink Beach)

is a beach that looks like it is straight out of a fairytale with unique pink sand and crystal clear water. It. This beach is located on Italy's Adriatic coast. The water is clear blue here and there are plenty of shady areas to escape from the heat and let's not forget the pink sand. However, can only be viewed from the shoreline. This beach gets its name to the color of its sand, rich with tiny fragments of coral, granite, and shells. Its spectacular color is derived from a pink microorganism that inhabits the Posidonia meadows and lives inside the shells.

Location: There are no other ways to get to the island of Budelli. You can only go there by boat or by taking a ferry from either Costa Smeralda, Palau, or La Maddalena. It is not possible to walk on Pink Beach. It is strictly forbidden. You can only look at it from the sea. You can approach it up to 70 meters from the shoreline, but you cannot go any closer than that.


If you're looking for a unique beach experience, then Italy's most beautiful beaches are worth checking out. From the crystal clear water to the serene atmosphere it provides, these beaches represent what many think of when they imagine an idyllic vacation. Don't wait any longer and see how one day at this Italian destination can change your life!