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Being featured on depends on which selling plan you choose. The options are flexible, so you find the combo that works best for you and your goals! Selling on offers optional Tier Selling Partner Team Programs. Consider the featured available for each and choose the Partner Program that best suits your needs. You will be able to get started once you submit your application to the F.I.I. Supplier Partner Team


Tier 2 Partner Program - FAQs


What is Tier 2 Partner Program: 

You will benefit from our powerful product data feed migration tool. This means, if your products are on your eCommerce platform i.e. Shopify, products and options will automatically be migrated to You will be able to access and fulfill your orders though your eCommerce such as the Shopify dashboard and the FoundinItaly Partner Portal ®



How do I upload products onto 

We have the ability to Automaticlly migrate product data feeds directly from 

  • Shopify (preferred)
  • Wordpress / WooCommerce 
  • Magento
  • Prestashop
  • WIX
  • FTP
  • Other eCommerce selling platforms - Just ask us.

An onboarding specialist will guide you though the process in order to connect your data feeds inventory to VIA API token

Your orders can be synced directly though your eCommerce order dashboard or your FoundinItaly Partner Portal ®. All product inventory feeds will be migrated seamlessly and updated regularly (daily).

Product feeds will automatically migrate your product information from your product page such as:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Options/Variants
  • Images
  • Tags
  • Keywords
  • Categories Attributes
  • HS Codes
  • Sku
  • Weight
  • Suggested MSRP to

Each partner will have their own dedicate page showcasing their products, story and brand.


Tier 2 suppliers will be interviewed by our in-house journalist their stories will be featured on our online and offline marketing media channels. By selecting the Tier 2 Partner Plan you will have the opportunity to improve discoverability of your products with top placements online and offline within the Found in Italy ecosystem. A success manager will be assigned to your brand to maximize your exposure and profitability. Tier 2 partners will also have the ability to cross-branding opportunities. i.e. Sell Truffles? We will organize a tour and prepare a fine dining experience with a famous chef on a yacht and document the event series for television/media purposes.  

What is the FoundinItaly Partner Portal ®

Once you've submit your application a Success Manager will create your FoundinItaly Partner Portal ®. You will receive an email with your logins and dedicated access. The portal will allow you to;

  • Receive order notifications by email
  • View and complete orders
  • Print order packing slips
  • View product inventory feeds
  • Review payments & disbursements 
  • Access to the F.I.I. Supplier Lounge® 

You are connected to VIA your own API Token - eCommerce (WooCommerce,Magento,Shopify etc) you will have the ability to view manage and view/fulfill orders within your own eCommerce dashboard you will still have access to your FoundinItaly Partner Portal ®* > you will receive your order notifications by email and fulfill orders within the FoundinItaly Partner Portal ® or within your dashboard.



Supplier Selling Fee's

Congratulations, you've sold something on, what now? 

You will receive an email and it's time to get your order ready. print the order/packaging labels, put item in your shipper box and confirm tracking once shipped. You are connected VIA eCommerce; you will have the ability to fulfill your orders just like any other order coming in though your management dashboard. Just remember to upload that tracking number! 


Fees involved when selling with 

All Tier 2 Partners pay a referral fee on each item sold and a monthly professional seller subscription fee.

  • will sell the products or services at a minimum percentage margin of profits (the total amount paid by the buyer will include Found in Italy's percentage of profits) suggested MSRP price is the responsibility of the supplier in order to be competitive within the markets.
  • A Marketing fee of 1,079.95$ per month will be applied. 


How many Prodcuts/SKUs can I list on 
  • First 10,000 SKUs are free. A listing fee of 1.49$ USD fee for each SKUs thereafter on 


When do will you receive payments once items are sold? 

  • You will receive your disbursement payout to the desired PayPal address or Wire Transfer  disbursed at the end of every month, However if items are sold it is your reasonability to ship the items to the customer. Once item tracking has showed delivered the amounts will then be calculated for your disbursement. Disbursement of payments are always sent in USD$ unless stated otherwise. Please note a retainer will be on file and will released at the end of your term. If you wish to have payments sooner contact us. Fee's may apply for rushed disbursements and on approval based on supplier performance.


Who creates the invoice when items are purchased?

  • When items / services are sold from or its partner platforms. This means that the customer will receive an email or notification stating that the item/service purchased from with the ability to download their invoice and track the product or service. The supplier will receive the shipping destination and is responsible to ship the item within the respected timeframe of arrival. The supplier will not include any invoice or promotional items within the package unless indicated.


As a Supplier do we charge VAT?

  • As a supplier it is your reasonability to ship items to the customer. custom duties, tracking, insurance and or taxes (if any), Found in Italy will provide you with best practices when selling and shipping to customers to avoid chargebacks and returns. All costs may be taken into consideration and added into your wholesale price of your products / services (not suggested MSRP) before Found in Italy’s margin is added to showcased to the customers.


Are there credit card processing Fees?
  • Yes, when items are sold. Processing fees are handled by, We accept Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® and Google Pay™  and all major credit cards. Found in Italy, will deduct a processing fee of 2.4% per transaction.



Have your own shipping/product insurance? 

  • If you have your own insurance with your shipping carrier you will not need our F.I.I. Insurance and the 7% will not be added to the referral fee. You will have the ability to select this option when submitting your F.I.I. Partnership Application. If you do decide to opt'd into the F.I.I. Insurance at a later date - you will not be allowed to do so. If items are disputed, charged backed or refunded on FoundinItaly's behalf after your disbursement, we will remove the amount on your next disbursement or charge the amount on your payment method that is on file.


F.I.I. Insurance Lost / Damaged / Stolen items - Are my products insured? 

  • If you wish to add full coverage / insurance for lost or damaged items with F.I.I. Insurance we will add an additional 7% per sale which covers you no questions asked for items lost, damaged or stolen (cart total 10,000$ and under) however this is optional and conditions do apply. 


Do you offer any other services to help brand exposure? 

We do offer our in-house services such at an additional cost such as

  • on-location videography & photography 
  • on-location Vlogger
  • Writer / Journalist / Article creator 
  • Product content creator
  • Product page designer for products
  • Documentary video journalism
  • Graphic designer 
  • 3D rending for products
  • 360 product videos
  • 360 product photography
  • (VR) virtual tourism mapping on location
  • Storage & backups for product / company data
  • Marketing specialists - social media 
  • Marketing specialists - offline

If you were selected for dedicated feature, select fees will be waived if featured.

Please refer to our professional network for any additional services that are needed. Professional network can be found in the F.I.I. Supplier Lounge®


What about shipping and returns? 

Tier 2 Partners must respect our return and shipping policies. They are responsible for all shipping items within the respected timeframes, accepting returns (conditions apply), chargebacks, uploading correct/clear product information and images. Failure to do so may result in account suspension without the option to appeal the decision.

Learn more on what accepted for Foundinitaly's Shipping Policy & Returns and make sure to visit the F.I.I. Supplier Lounge® the latest in Supplier updates, news and much more.


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Last updated 2020-11-21