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Being featured on depends on which selling plan you choose. The options are flexible, so you find the combo that works best for you and your goals! Selling on offers optional Tier Selling Partner Team Programs. Consider the featured available for each and choose the Partner Program that best suits your needs. You will be able to get started once you submit your application to the F.I.I. Supplier Partner Team

Tier 3 Partner Program - FAQs

What is Tier 3 Partner Program: You will benefit Found in Italy’s resources and in-house success team to available for the following  

  • Build creative campaigns
  • Personalized dedicated brand / service pages
  • Found in Italy will create product / service pages
  • Accept orders though our on-page concierge service
  • Create all creatives and product / service descriptions
  • Create all marketing campaigns and ad sets
  • In person “warm-hand off” delivery
  • Create custom/personalized packaging for “shipper boxes”

Found in Italy will do all the heavy lifting, we will analyze your product / services and create the right visuals, custom packaging, romance text and all other creatives before going to North American Market. Your services and products will not only be sold on but also be and viewed on various channels connected with Found in Italy such as

  • Luxury auction houses
  • Television
  • Cinema/Movie placement
  • Exclusive pop-ups
  • VR reality displays and so much more.

We take a closer look into Tier 3 Partners and document the process every step of the way.


How do I upload products/services onto We handle everything from product uploading and descriptions. We will provide you with your own Success Manager.

Your orders can be viewed directly though your FoundinItaly Partner Portal ®. Service products and high-ticket items will be handled by our concierge service and brand managers.

Each partner will have their own dedicate page showcasing their products, service, story, and brand.

Tier 3 suppliers will be interviewed by our in-house journalist their stories will be featured on our online and offline marketing media channels. By selecting the Tier 3 Partner Plan you will have the opportunity to improve discoverability of your products with top placements online and offline within the Found in Italy ecosystem. A success manager will be assigned to your brand to maximize your exposure and profitability. Tier 3 partners will also have access to cross-branding opportunities and sell though our partner networks.  

How many Products/SKUs can I list on Tier 3 will have exclusive collections. Product or services will be carefully picked and showcased by individual SKUs or collection. Each SKU/collection will have the following:

  • Article feature
  • Frontend Web-Developer
  • Landing page per collection or per SKU
  • Marketing success manager
  • Marketing creatives 
  • Marketing campaign per collection or per SKU
  • Media Buying opportunity
  • Magazine Feature (1 Page) per collection or per SKU
  • Product / service romance text
  • Product / service video introduction

What is the FoundinItaly Partner Portal ®

Once you've submitted your application a Success Manager will create your FoundinItaly Partner Portal ®. You will receive an email with your logins and dedicated access. The portal will allow you to;

  • Receive order notifications by email
  • View and complete orders
  • Print order packing slips
  • View product inventory feeds
  • Review payments & disbursements 
  • Access to the F.I.I. Supplier Lounge® 

You will have the ability to view manage and view/fulfill orders within your FoundinItaly Partner Portal ®* > you will receive your order notifications by email and fulfill orders within the FoundinItaly Partner Portal ® or within your dashboard.

Congratulations, you've sold something on, what now? You will receive an email and it's time to get your order ready. You will always have a brand manager on call for any questions you may have. Print the order/packaging labels, put item in your shipper box and confirm tracking once shipped.  You will have the ability to fulfill your orders just like any other order coming in though your FoundinItaly Partner Portal ®*. Just remember to upload that tracking number! 

Fees involved when selling with All Tier 3 Partners provide Found in Italy with wholesale pricing. Found in Italy will then sell the items at market value. Found in Italy will disburse the wholesale back to its partners. Partners are required to provide Found in Italy with “suggested MSRP”

  • Found in Italy Concierge Service - Tier 3 to take advantage of personalized product placement and concierge services for certain products.
  • Marketing fee equivalent to 15% of the inventory (Suggest MSRP) per month will be required, billed annually.  

Do you offer any other services to help brand exposure? We do offer our in-house services such at an additional cost such as

  • on-location videography & photography 
  • on-location Vlogger
  • Writer / Journalist / Article creator 
  • Product content creator
  • Product page designer for products
  • Documentary video journalism
  • Graphic designer 
  • 3D rending for products
  • 360 product videos
  • 360 product photography
  • (VR) virtual tourism mapping on location
  • Storage & backups for product / company data
  • Marketing specialists - social media 
  • Marketing specialists – offline
  • Venue co-branding
  • Influencer promotion

If you were selected for dedicated feature, select fees will be waived if featured.

Please refer to our professional network for any additional services that are needed. Professional network can be found in the F.I.I. Supplier Lounge®

    When do will you receive payments once items are sold? You will receive your disbursement payout VIA Wire Transfer 30 Days after your First Sale then disbursed at the end of every month thereafter. Disbursement of payments are always sent in USD$ unless stated otherwise. Please note a retainer and credit card will be on file and will released at the end of your term. If you wish to have payments sooner contact us.

    Are there credit card processing Fees? Yes, processing fees are handled by, We accept Bitcoin, Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® and Google Pay and all major credit cards. Found in Italy will deduct a processing fee of 1.5% per transaction.

    What about shipping and returns? Tier 3 Partners must provide Found in Italy with their return and shipping policies. They are responsible for all shipping items and insurance unless stated otherwise. Failure to do so may result in account suspension without the option to appeal the decision.

    Visit the F.I.I. Supplier Lounge® the latest in Supplier updates, news and much more.

    Lost / Damaged / Stolen items - Are my products insured? If you wish to add full coverage / insurance for lost or damaged items with F.I.I. Insurance we will add an additional 7% which will be added to the referral fee (cart total 10,000$ and under) however this is optional and conditions do apply. 

    Have your own shipping/product insurance? If you have your own insurance with your shipping carrier you will not need our F.I.I. Insurance and the 7% will not be removed from the disbursement. You will have the ability to select this option when submitting your F.I.I. Partnership Application. If you do decide to opt'd into the F.I.I. Insurance at a later date - you will not be allowed to do so. If items are disputed, charged backed or refunded on Found in Italy's behalf after your disbursement, we will remove the amount on your next disbursement.


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    Last updated 2020-11-21